Teachers can make use of RocketEnglish360 in three ways:

1. In the classroom
RocketEnglish360 can be used with a smartboard or with a projector and screen. The activities are formatted so that they can be used as class activities. For example, teachers could show the grammar explanations, which are presented as short animations, and then try the questions together. You could even ask the students to come up to the board and answer for themselves.

2. In a computer lab
If your school is equipped with a computer lab, you can take your students there for an online lesson – RocketEnglish360 is all you need. Let the students work through the materials at their own pace while you monitor their work. Your students will love taking a break from the regular classroom routine.

3. As a homework resource
RocketEnglish360 makes a great homework resource. Assign students activities to work through at home. If you have students that are falling behind, RocketEnglish360 can help them to catch up. Alternatively, if you have students that need more challenging work, RocketEnglish360 can help them too.
If you have any questions on how RocketEnglish360 can be used in your particular context, please get in touch with us at info@rocketenglish360.com and we will be glad to assist you.