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English resources and games for kids and teens

Engaging animated video introduce each lesson.

Interactive practice: students answer questions, record their voices and learn vocabulary.

Mini-games test and record student mastery.

Support modules help students master difficult grammar and writing topics.

Stories, poems and literature inspire a love for the English language.

Thousands of practice questions are available to test your child's knowledge.

  • rich variety of interactive modules
  • 11 units with over 200 modules - hundreds of hours of practice
  • suitable for ages 7 - 18
  • aligns with Common European Framework
  • holistic learning: listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary
  • prepares learners for real-life situations
  • affordable
  • students and parents can track their progress with our reporting system.

  • offers a mix of fun and hard work
  • users learn at their own pace and in a comfortable environment
  • offers challenging work for good students and builds confidence in weaker students
  • covers topics your child will learn at school
  • practice speaking with a microphone
  • can be used on multiple devices
  • easy to use
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